Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ripple The Twine, a book by Jenn Flynn Shon

I had this grand plan to review this book in great depth when I read it. Really. The problem is that I read it over a month ago and I can't seem to find the words I want to describe this book for all of you new readers. The issue is that is that no matter what I say I'm going to either sound like I'm sucking up or being overly critical because I consider the author to be a very good friend of mine...and I want you to know that this review is sincere. I'm not just trying to get you to read my friend's book. Okay? Now that I got my "friend" disclaimer out there let me just say this: this book is great!

The story grabbed me at page one. I cared about all of the characters right away and wanted to know more about them and their lives from the start. The author, Jenn, has a brilliant way of letting you know what's going on inside their heads and can describe the scene without making you forget what you were reading about to begin with like many indie authors can by getting carried away with their page long strings of adjectives while trying to be John Steinbeck. You have a perfect mental image of the character, their look and the environment the entire time without being distracted from the story....that takes skill.

I did think there would be more sports since the heroine is a sports writer from Boston, but that's merely one of many layers of this character's depth so don't get freaked out if you're anti-sports. You don't have to know about hockey or any other sport to enjoy this read. What you do get from the story is a history and bond of friendship between a group of very different individuals who are slowly growing apart because of the evolution of their lives and how they are thrown back together because of their love and caring and common ground. You also get some humor, some romance and some jealousy over the awesomeness of the way the heroine seems so put together even though she seems to doubt herself the way we all do...she's real. That makes you love her and even want to be her even more.

This would definitely be the perfect book for some light beach or pool side reading on a weekend get away. Don't leave it behind. You'll not regret taking the chance on this first time indie author.

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Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Oh my goodness, there are no words I can say to thank you enough for such a glowing review of Ripple the Twine. I'm sitting here speechless for real. All the things I was trying to say with this book, how I wanted the world to know Sara and her eclectic crew, you mentioned as having felt/sensed while reading. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing cooler to hear as the Author of a book than a reader of it understood exactly what you were trying to say.

Thank you my friend, thank you so much from the tips of my toes! ♥

ginger cooke said...

Aw, you're sweet! I just call it like I see it. :)