Sunday, October 26, 2014

I cut all my hair off

For those who don't see me on Facebook all the time...yeah, I cut all my hair off.

After the C word back in 2011-2012, I wanted to have as much hair as I possibly could. I was bald for five months so it's fair to say that I developed some kind of PTSD neurosis about my hair. For the longest time I would have a tiny stroke everytime I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled a couple of strands out. I remember once, after it grew back and I had to have it trimmed, the stylist thinned it out without asking me first and I flipped when I ran my hands through it later because it felt like it was falling out again; it had been much thicker before that cut.

So I let it grow and it got pretty long. Then about a month ago I decided that I did indeed need it thinned out. Ironically, there was too much of it. I couldn't get a brush through it without struggle and it felt like my own personal heating blanket on my neck and shoulders. So what did I do? I got a pixie. Don't know what that is? Google Jamie Lee Curtis or Ginnifer Goodwin. That's a pixie.

I decided that it was time to move on from my cancer hair drama and just have a haircut I was happy with. It's easy, it's cute and I feel free as a bird. Yay!

Does this mean that I'm finally starting to recover from the mental hoopla that comes with being a cancer survivor? God, I hope so.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Is anyone else as obsessed with the zombie apocalypse as I am?

It's not like I sit around daydreaming about killing zombies and smelling like corpses for days without a shower or anything; it's the idea of living off the grid in a post apocalyptic world that really gets me excited. Yep, I said it gets me excited…not sexually, you perv. That's gross.

Excited meaning that I get a sense of a certain level of freedom that a world like that would hold. A freedom that comes with living off of the land and being self sufficient as opposed to having a dress code or uniform and having to alter your personality for 40 hours a week. Comprende? Yes, it would be super hard work, but I think that being that close to the Earth and doing all of that for your own quality of life as opposed to some CEO's would just make a huge difference in the satisfaction derived from the whole experience…unless you're already a life saving nurse by day and a super hero vigilante by night, that is. Then your life is probably already pretty damned satisfying what with all of the life saving and such.

A friend of mine and I were discussing this the other day and we decided that the idea of planning for such a zombie apocalypse is really just an excuse for forming a commune. We really just wanna live like hippies and not have to sit at a desk all day. That makes sense to a point, but really, what the f*ck is up with the whole zombie thing? Why zombies specifically? Yes, I love The Walking Dead…that show is a religion all its own and you can get some pretty darn good tips for post apocalypse survival if you pay attention, but is the world obsessed with zombies because of all of the movies and shows about them or are the shows there because of the world's obsession? I'm going with the latter and I'll tell you why.

I think that people in general are just wired for survival. Yeah , I know, I'm captain obvious…read on. We have wars, famines, pandemics, victims of class and economy and people just want to do one thing: survive. On some level, many of the seven billion of us on this planet understand that the Earth simply cannot take too much more of our bullshit; our carbon footprints are too damned big and we take up too much space for the Earth to comfortably shelter us anymore. This means one thing: something's gotta give. Will that be a pandemic like Spanish influenza, the plague, a super volcano that blocks the sun and changes our climate so drastically that we go the way of the dinosaurs, a massive shift in continental plates ruining our infrastructure and forcing us all off of the grid or perhaps something that we don't have to think too much about because it's the least likely to happen, completely fictional and we therefore don't have to take it too fracking seriously even though it's on all of our minds? That's right; the zombie plague, ladies and gentlemen. If we make the consequences of our over breeding and irresponsible first world habits into something we know that will never really happen then we can continue to ignore our wicked ways and impending demise and just keep talking about the best way to kill a zombie because it's fun.

So, all of that heavy shit aside, I love planning for the post apocalyptic party of doom. I'm not going to share my exact plan with all of you because it's brilliant, I say, and you'll just steal it and beat me to the punch if the time (God forbid) ever really does come. But it's a good one…trust me.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Eclectically yours...

Don't adjust your monitor settings…I've changed the name of this, your favorite blog, from Eclectic Mess to LoveColorado. Why? Well, because I like doing that every now and then. That's why my url is  just my name; so I don't ever have to worry about changing it and losing all three of my readers. Also, I no longer loved the messy part of Eclectic Mess. I don't like the implication that being eclectic is somehow not tidy and because I obviously over think everything. So I changed it. So there. Plus, I really do love Colorado.

And here, I'll even show you some of my favorite recent photos of Colorado:

Hanging pumpkin vines at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Red Rocks, Morrison, Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheater on a Saturday morning

Those apples are too high up
See? Just gorgeous. I love living here.

Anyhoo…I'm gonna start hanging out here more often again. I miss it and stuff. So does anyone have any special requests?